Reflexus Wellness House is the fruit of my passion and search for meaning.

This is a space, created with a single objective:


I believe that everything has a purpose, and mine is to help you evolve.
Here you find a space, where you feel at home and forget the world there outside...
Where you go inside your emotional wounds, with the intention of healing them.

My journey as therapist started in 2008, after the loss of a loved one, which made me question my
life choices and it’s real meaning.

I started with Reflexology and Astrology, begun Working with Reiki in 2017 and recently added PNL,
Hypnosis and Coaching.

This journey has brought me valuable and comprehensive experience, based on the trainings,
readings and the life stories of the patients I have had the pleasure to help along the way.

I ended up developing my own personal method, in which I employ different therapies, techniques
and strategies, depending on the personal needs of each of my patients.

My satisfaction comes from the smile I see on their faces and from knowing I actively contributed to
their personal balance, both emotionally and physically.

Welcome to my world.

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