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Individual therapies and group events.


Reflexus Wellness House is the fruit of my passion and search for meaning.

My journey as therapist started in 2008, after the loss of a loved one, which made me question my life choices and it’s real meaning.



NLP, Neuro-linguistic programming,

NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, is a very powerful personal development tool. By using this set of techniques, one is able to have a better understanding of our choices, reactions and the world itself and consequently increase life quality.

It is based on the study of how the interactions between the mind and language influence human behavior. We use language tools to obtain lasting results and enhance performance or wellbeing.

It was developed on the 70s and has repeatedly proven its success, used by many well known businesspeople, athletes and politicians. Obstacles overcome, skills developing or conflict management are some of the scenarios where NLP is widely used with great success.



The Eriksonian Hypnosis is a unique tool which preempts that the key to the healing is within the patient, thus this therapy demands a close and full cooperation from the patient.

In this technique, the patient never loses conscience, remains fully conscious and in absolute control. The hypnotherapist helps the patient, in a controlled and oriented way, to connect with his/her unconscious mind and gain lucidity, as well as understanding.

As we work with your unconscious self, individually, the behavioral changes or understanding you seek, deeply unconscious, are within reach and your full potential much easier to unlock.


Relationship and personal development Coach

I am Woman, spouse and mother, exactly in that order.

Mentoring for those who wish to enjoy quality relationships and not just post nice family photos on the social networks, I use self-knowledge and personal growth to help couples finding balance in their relationships, allowing them to grow to their full potential.

I found meaning in coaching and wish to help, with my experience, knowledge and skills, couples to live their relationships fully, whether they be love, friendly, family, professional or even with our selves.


Massagem Abhyanga

A massagem Abhyanga é uma técnica milenar originária da India, com raizes profundas na medicina Ayurvedica. Ela envolve o uso de óleos vegetais, quentes e Terapêuticos, de forma a equilibrar as energias do corpo, estimular a circulação sanguínea, promover o relaxamento muscular, melhorar a qualidade do sono, eliminar toxinas.


Foot Reflexology

The foot Reflexology is a proven technique, which by massaging certain points of the feet,
corresponding to certain organs or regions on the human body, allow, non-invasively, direct action
on those organs or regions.

It has shown fast and lasting results on general pain relief, particularly on sciatica related issues. Enhances the metabolism, fights the hormonal imbalance and reduces constipation issues.



Reiki is a natural technique, fetching harmony, healing and energy refill which preserves or retrieves
health. It reduces stress and helps awakening the power that resides within each one of us, by
receiving, modifying and enhancing energy.

It works as a transformation tool of negative into positive energy.


Solar Revolution

The Solar Revolution is an Astral Map of the moment of your birthday, unveiling the trends and challenges for the following year.

Your birthday is a milestone, starting point to a new phase of your life, and its analysis allows us to know what can we expect and what should we pay more attention to in the next twelve months.



The Love Synastry is a technique that compares the Natal Charts of two people, in order to access their compatibility, attraction level, affinities and challenges around their relationship.

Improve your relationship by acquiring deeper knowledge about your partner and the relationship strong points and challenges. As important as the will to cherish your relationship is the knowledge of what to be looked out for.


Natal Chart

The Astral or Natal Chart shows the exact position of the stars and zodiac signs on the exact moment of someone’s birth.

Based upon the date, hour and place of birth it allows us to understand the potential and features of each and very one of us.

Retreats & groupe events :

I have been regularly organizing retreats since 2020, for women or couples. The goal is to help, to guide each participant to find their inner self et connect with his/her full potential.

They are mainly held on weekends, so to allow each and every one to assist.

The activities are quite diversified, from meditation or Yoga to dancing, per example, and free time is also not forgotten, so to create a safe and healthy environment, allowing and better yet, promoting real development and true lasting connections with ourselves and between the women or the couples.

As group activities, regular workshops on different themes are held each year, for adults and for children, as well as Reiki certified training.

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